Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More bonsai pots

Since I already started dribbling about bonsai pots in the previous post, I will continue on. I talked about bonsai pots I bought in Japan, but completely forgot about the pots I bought in Singapore last April. They are much more interesting (see images above). On the left is a Cultural Revolution pot made in Yixing Zisha Factory No. 1 between 1965 and 1975. During that period Yixing craftsmen were disallowed to sign their pots, hence my pot has no marks. It is handmade. Each foot, each side and each rim corner of this pot has subtle differences. At the same time it is very well made (I know it because I am a potter). The clay colour, as far as Yixing clays go, is not too bad and it has some dark patina on its feet and the rim. The dimensions of the pot are 32 20 10 cm. The top right image shows a small Canton pot (9 5.5 cm). The collector I got it from said that it was sold to him as a late Qing Dynasty pot (before 1912), but he reckons it was made in the 1920’s. I like this type of Canton ware more than the usual green. It is colourful, but somber.

Images below show a couple of round pots made by me. They came out of the electric kiln only last week. The left image shows a pot decorated with black underglaze and a copper mat glaze. Its dimensions are 20 7 cm. The right image shows a pot with the same glaze measuring 23.5 8 cm.


Unknown said...

Didn't know such beautiful pots (the ones you said you've made) could be made at home. They look beautiful.

Debby said...

Sono dei vasi veramente splendidi


bonsai ficus said...

gli occhi mi hanno scintillato vedendo questi vasi. sono assolutamente favolosi !!!

Kigawa said...

These pots were made in a pottery studio, but you could have a similar setup at home.