Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Nappy Pot

Pat Kennedy of "Mirkwood Forest” pottery is my most favourite bonsai pot maker in Australia. He inspired me to start making bonsai pots and shared many of his techniques with me. I just wish I could meet with him more often. I once asked him about the surface texture on one of his pots and he told me that he uses a disposable baby nappy. The nappy I needed came along with my one-year-old niece last year. After that, I couldn't come up with any more excuses for not trying to make a similar pot. Images above show my first attempt at the ‘nappy pot’. By the way, ‘nappy pot' is exactly how Pat called it.

Saturday, March 05, 2016

First pots this year

Tried to use tenmoku, oribe and tin white glazes together with inconsistent results. Some of the test pieces are even less impressive than the two pots shown here. The main problem with the pot on the right is that all my suitably sized trees have the same foliage colour as the pot. Makes the composition repetitive and dull.