Monday, August 13, 2012

Fuyo-en, Omiya

Fuyo-en is the closest bonsai nursery to Omiya-koen train station. Entering this nursery felt like stepping into the photos in old Japanese bonsai books from the 60’s. This impression was conveyed by the aged bonsai trees, things with patina and little details like path pavers, etc. Since my visit took place on the second day of Kokufu-ten there was not a sole at the nursery and I used this opportunity to take a couple of photos. There were enough of interesting trees to look at (see images below).

The owner of Fuyo-en is Hiroshi Takeyama. I met him the previous day at Kokufu-ten in Tokyo. From his business card I learned that he is the chairman of the Nippon Bonsai Association. After my trip to Japan, I came across of Hiroshi Takeyama’s little book titled 盆栽よい盆栽を育てるために (Bonsai: How to grow good bonsai) published in 1993. The book is in Japanese and I realised that he is the author only after I started translating bits and pieces of it. The glossary proved to be especially useful.

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