Thursday, December 25, 2014

Teapots at the Shanghai Confucian Temple

I rarely find laypeople genuinely interested in Oriental tea ware, but recently several of my friends and my own sister surprised me by their curiosity about Chinese teapots. This post is aimed to fuel their curiosity even further. Last January, I visited Shanghai Confucian Temple (aka Shanghai Wen Miao) which happens to have a superb collection of teapots on display. I photographed every piece I truly liked and left under the impression that I took way too many photographs. Checking them again this month, made me realise that they all can be crammed into one blog post. So here they are. Images below show some of the ‘purple sand’ ware from Yixing.

Images below show glazed teapots (porcelain, celadon and the like).

Images below show pitches, jugs or ewers.

Some of the porcelain tea caddies were exquisite (see images below).

Since this post is all about teapots I decided to throw in some images of teapots that got my interest at the Shanghai Museum (images below).

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