Monday, February 03, 2014

Good penjing book

Over the years I have seen a few books on penjing. They had my curiosity, but this book got my attention. I didn’t expect to find it in a souvenir shop of the Humble Administrator’s Garden in Suzhou, but it was the most appropriate place to find it. After turning a few pages I knew that this book is for me. It features studio quality photos of 312 penjing (single trees, forests, rocks and shohin stand displays). All of them are of exceptional quality. The fact that it is all in Chinese doesn’t hinder my appreciation of it. I have gone through this book a couple of times and feel like doing it again and again.

Written by Xu Wen Tao (徐文涛), titled “Appreciation of Chinese Penjing” (中国盆景欣), published in 2001, ISBN 7-5323-6359-7/J.41.

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Unknown said...

I never noticed this book at the Kiosk / shop and unfortunately probably won't get to go there again.

I have visited this garden four times in the past and never ceased to be amazed at the bonsai, the gardens, the water settings and the rock formation. A truly wonderful part of the world and a "must visit" for any bonsai enthusiast visiting China.

Thanks for posting the details of the book.