Sunday, June 09, 2019

Demonstration by Masayuki Fujikawa at Bonsai by the Harbour, Sydney

Yesterday, I attended a bonsai demonstration by Masayuki Fujikawa. He is a second generation owner of Fujikawa Hosei-en nursery in Nasushiobara. Mr. Fujikawa was a Masahiko Kimura’s apprentice for eleven years and has been an independent bonsai artist for the past ten years. He won the professional bonsai competition Saikufu-ten twice. 

During the demonstration Mr. Fujikawa came across as friendly, knowledgeable, sharing and delivered an inspiring demonstration. He did a demonstration on an oddly shaped Japanese Black Pine which had most of its branches on one side. The end result was convincing considering the limited time and the quality of the material (see before and after images above). He was interpreted by Adam Webster who is an Australian apprentice at the Yuuki-En Bonsai Nursery near Tokyo. Adam is a really nice guy and has done a great job as the interpreter.

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