Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Lower your expectations

Twelve hundred years ago Tang Dynasty poet Meng Jiao wrote: “How can a little plant pay back for the sunshine of the whole spring?” Today I say to myself: “Lower your expectations”.
Why am I talking about old Chinese poetry in a bonsai blog? Well, have you ever seen Chinese characters on a bonsai pot? The ones that your Chinese friend couldn’t translate for you. Have you ever seen a calligraphy scroll displayed together with bonsai? More often than not they feature Tang and Song period poetry. Could it be one of the reasons why the Japanese consider antique Chinese pots and scrolls to be the best?

Anyway, “lower your expectations” is definately a message suitable for one of my bonsai pots.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great article. My late dad passed away recently and left quite a number of bonsai plants. May i get in touch with you to find out your views on these plants? Their types, methodologies used and also possibly indicative valuation. Appreciate if you can give me an email contact I can write to you.

Kigawa said...

Whether you are interested in selling your father’s collection or in maintaining it yourself, you can start by approaching a bonsai nursery in your area or by going to a meeting of your local bonsai club.