Wednesday, September 18, 2013

More wood-fired bonsai pots

This winter was quite prolific in terms of making wood-fired bonsai pots. There has been yet another firing of the kiln this month. Everyone involved agreed that it was the hottest and the shortest firing anyone could remember. The photograph of the kiln shed here is the testament to that. The kiln chimney is about 4 m tall and it’s not in the image, but the flame coming out of it is hard to miss. Many pots in this kiln load were over-fired and got cracked, bloated or distorted. Their glazes ‘ran’ (see glaze tears on the bottom of the pot in the top image). I haven’t achieved anything spectacular this time except that the pots shown in the top two images are larger than what I have been making so far. Their dimensions are 26 x 8 and 27 x 6 cm. All three pots shown here bear the same rutile glaze, which wasn’t the plan, but just happened.

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