Monday, June 10, 2013

Demonstration by Linh Khanh at ‘Bonsai by the Harbour’

Last Saturday, I went to ‘Bonsai by the Harbour’. It is an annual event organised by the Bonsai Federation of Australia in a delightful waterfront setting in Gladesville (image above). Most demonstrators throughout the day had my curiosity, but the last demonstration by Linh Khanh got my attention. In a little more than one hour, he used three Procumbent Junipers, five chunks of mallee root and a marble suiban to create a very believable miniature landscape. The composition was held together by the mortar consistency soil mix, which was 90% fine soil and 10% clay. The trees were in need of further shaping and I would have made them a little shorter, but the landscape was auctioned and sold at the reserve price of $400. Anyway, the photos below say it all.

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