Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Latest bonsai pots

Last month I had a few bonsai pots fired. See the photos below.

Round, 12×10 cm, unglazed, wood fired.

Left image - round, 20.5×7 cm, chun glaze, wood fired (sold).
Right image - hexagonal, 11.5×7 cm, celadon glaze, wood fired.

Top left immage - oval, 19×17.5×8 cm, tomato red glaze, electric kiln.
Bottom left image - oval, 28×23×6.5 cm, white glaze, wood fired.
Right image - square, 10×16 cm, unglazed, wood fired (sold).


bunjamon said...


Your pots look amazing. I also want to wood fire some pots. Can you tell me where you get your pots fired?

Kigawa said...

Join Ceramic Study Group in Sydney.