Saturday, August 13, 2011

Trident Maple fuced trunk

Last year, I came up with an ambitions idea of growing a large fused trunk Trident Maple, but I didn’t have the material to do the project, so, I started from scratch. In June 2010, I got the seeds from my bonsai teacher, put them in the fridge for a couple of weeks before sowing them in July. They germinated at the end of August (see the picture below).
One lesson I learned from this exercise is not to sow the seeds too densely. You can see from the image above that although the seedlings look quite healthy, they were not as tall as I hoped them to be.

What I did with some of the seedlings this month to kick-start the trunk fusion is self-explanatory from the images below.


Unknown said...

how are the fused trees doing?

Anonymous said...


Kigawa said...

It is doing fine and not at all dead! It's just there is nothing spectacular to report. The individual plants are growing taller quite vigorously, but the trunk fusion is not happening as quickly as I initially expected. This year I planted it in the ground hoping that it would move things along faster. I will probably let it sit in the ground for another year. I will definitely have a blog post about this plant when I have something worthy to show.