Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Success at 19th Contemporary Small Bonsai Pot Artists Exhibition held in conjunction with 49th Gafu Exhibition, January 2024, Kyoto, Japan

I truly abandoned my blog… Too much typing hurts my hands these days. I feel like I can get away with writing anything here because no one reads it! Anyway, I am writing suddenly because I won a bronze award in glazed pot category at Gafu-ten this year! The pot in question is the result of hundreds of less successful attempts made after more than ten years of my participation in dozens of wood-kiln firings. The pot was made at Macquarie Hill Potters studio and fired in the Ceramic Study Group wood kiln between two COVID lockdowns in 2020. As a hobby potter, I am especially proud of this achievement because I competed against the best Japanese professional craftsmen. Anyway, below are the photos.

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